These Budgeting Spreadsheets Help

by ryan on December 30, 2016


These Budgeting Spreadsheets Help


After going through my bank accounts and my loans, I decided to take all my saving of $3,000 to fully settle my credit card loan of equal amount.

However after my Financial Planner helped me with your budgeting spreadsheet templates and sheets, I realized that I did not set aside some cash for emergency.


The emergency cash buffer is important and using a spreadsheet can help alot… The financial planning theory teaches that it is important to set aside at least 6 to 9 months cash buffer for emergency.

Failure to do so may result in more worst financial implication. Therefore after taking the financial planner’s advice, I set aside cash $500 for emergency use. I finally settled $2,500 on my credit card loan.

On looking back at my financial track records, I realized how silly I was to keep the idle money of $2,500 in my bank account which only earned me 3% a year. On the other hand, I got to pay 18% to the bank for my credit card loan.

This show that I was net incurring extra interest of 15% (18% – 3%) by allowing the $2,500 attracting 18% interest and earning only 3%.

This is how budgeting spreadsheet has help me to identify my priority in fund allocation.

Use these Budgeting Spreadsheets to Help you:




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