One of the most efficient Goal Setting

by ryan on December 15, 2016


One of the most efficient Goal Setting Worksheets. Part I


In most cases planning is the first and most important step to take when you want to achieve a significant goal.

When it comes to planning it is important to not just to set a goal but also to be able to see the results, to monitor your progress and to define proper affirmations and visualizations. All steps are essential. When you truly desire to get what you want and to develop the discipline to never give up, you will simply be unstoppable.

Goal Setting Worksheets

Here are the steps that define one of the most efficient goal-setting and -achieving methods ever developed:

1. Define the area in your life where you want to achieve something. Be specific.

2. Write down the date to start working on your goal.

3. Write down a definite goal that you want to achieve. You may wish to use the SMART goal-planning method:

S- Specific
M- Measurable
A- Attainable
R- Relevant
T- Time-bound
E- Evaluate
R- Reevaluate


4. Define and write down all the possible gains that the goal will bring and the losses that will be avoided when the goal is achieved. Write specific benefits, like the ability to travel freely all around the globe without even considering money, or the goods that you will get. When it comes to the losses you have two choices:

You can either think of the great things you want and then how your life would be if you stayed where you are and never really accomplished anything significant.

You can think of the things that you will directly avoid by getting what you want. For example, being forced to stay in one place because of the lack of funds for your travels, or greater stress, or weaker health.

5. Think of the possible difficulties and setbacks along the way and how to avoid them. It is like planning a game of chess: when you consider the obstacles beforehand it is much easier to overcome them if and when they happen.

You can plan how to avoid them. What’s more, when you think of the possible difficulties along the way, you strengthen and expand your vision. Thus your idea grows into a Big Idea, much stronger and more grounded.
For example:

you’re afraid that your idea will not find the right audience quickly and will be rejected. Write down how you will overcome this obstacle:

like – I will develop my understanding about the gains that this project will bring. Or I will talk to every single person who rejects the idea to understand why. Or I will gather more data. or what happened to Mr Honda when he wanted to design his motorbike. During the second world war he wanted to build a factory to produce his vehicles, but there was no concrete available because the government used it all for the war. So Mr. Honda created a new type of concrete and built his factory.


To find out the following steps see the article: “One of the most efficient Goal Setting Worksheets. Part II

Excel Template Sheets: ( Goals and Business Sheets ) 




Smart Goal Worksheet.xlsx


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