One of the most efficient Goal Setting Worksheets

by ryan on December 15, 2016


One of the most efficient Goal Setting Worksheets. Part II



Now after discovering the first essential part of the Goal Setting Worksheets Template, go to the next part. When you find the purpose of your actions, write down what you want, begin the process of goal setting- what comes next is that you should specify the action steps. It is crucial.


6. Make a list of actions that have to be taken day-by-day. Write them down on a piece of paper with the most important on the top and the least important on the bottom.

At this point you may see that some of those actions need to be broken down into smaller goals.
Even if you already work with a team of people, you may now identify the appropriate people for the specific parts of the process.

Define the date when those smaller steps or goals should be achieved.

7. When you define the list of actions that need to be taken, including the smaller sub-goals, you also reevaluate the time that you need to accomplish you grand idea.

8. Seek out people who can share their knowledge in regards to your goal, people whom you can trust and people who will strengthen your ideas rather than weaken them. You may also form a mastermind group of like-minded individuals who want to accomplish grand goals like you so all of you can meet and share ideas and energy.

9. Does the goal present enough of a challenge for you, and will it comply with your values? This is essential, as the challenge should also be fun for you and the good values will give you the feeling of fulfillment of your higher needs.

10. Ask yourself “is this goal important to me? will the achievement of the goal be worth the time and effort spent on it?” Remember that time equals not only money, but, most importantly, life. You can never get it back. If you feel that your goal is not exactly what you want, it does not feel good when it comes to your virtues, it does not serve the world, or it won’t bring in the money you want, just give up on it and concentrate on something new. There is no shortage when it comes to ideas. The world is constantly changing and rearranging, and thus we still need new businesses and inventions.

11. Write your affirmations. They should be stated in:

A positive way
In the first person singular
In the present tense
Some people like to read them aloud a few time a day, especially in the morning and in the evening just before going to bed.

12. Visualize regularly about what you want. You may read about the unbelievable results of visualizations in the article. [which article are you referring to?]

13. When you finally achieve what you want, write down the date under all the notes you have formulated along the way.

14. Celebrate!

To discover the preceding steps see the article: “One of the most efficient Goal Setting Worksheets. Part I”

What are your experiences? When it comes to planning, what is your way of doing it? Share your knowledge with us.

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