Money Saving Tips for Students with Excel

by ryan on December 16, 2016


5 Money Saving Tips for Students with Excel


Students depend on their parents or doing part time jobs to get their pocket money. Although their monies are not a lot, there a many channels that are interested in their money and compete with each other to get them. However as a student, your main objective is to complete your education with good results which will pave way for their future career. Here are some tips which you can do to save money while still studying.

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1. Textbooks

Textbooks are items that you must have in order to excel in your study. However, the most dreadful thing is they are not cheap to a student with no full time job or income. So instead of buying new textbook, you could opt of used or photocopied textbooks which cost half of the usual price or even less. There is no different in using new or used or photocopied textbooks.

2. Spring Break

Everyone enjoy going for vacations during spring break. Well such vacations can wait or be delayed till you complete your education. However, that does not mean that you would have a boring spring break. Instead of going for a vacation, you could find some cheap trips nearby your campus. Get a few friends and organize some cheap and economic group trips. I bet you be surprised at how fun it can be to stay on campus, too.

3. Car

Car is not a necessitate but a luxury item for a student. The cost of buying a car and maintaining it is no cheap thing for a student. Stay within walking distance to your campus or take mass transit or public transport. If you really like to have a car, get it after your graduation. It is never too late to do that right?

4. Friends

There are many kinds of friends that you can make in campus. Some are big spenders and some are thrifty. Hanging over with big spenders will make you spend more money. You do not have to avoid them completely. You can still join them in studies and discussions but avoid hanging out. If you feel bored, you could mix with some thrifty friend and can still have a lot of fun without spending any money.

5. Campus activities

There are many campus activities that are interesting and fun and do not cost a lot of money. Join these activities. Attend free movie festivals. Pay a few bucks to see the local symphony every month. Support the sports teams. Attend lecture series. Get the most from your student ID!


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