Excel and Business PI Chart

by ryan on December 16, 2016


Excel and Business PI Charts


It is a PI Chart. Get? 🙂 Actually, it is a scatterplot.

A Chart of PI

I know I’m about two weeks late, but I did find time to do something useful for PI Day this year. I’m not even really a big numbers guy, but since highschool I have had PI memorized to 5 digits.


After talking to some of my Instructional Assistants this year over PI Day, I decided I would try and memorize more digits of PI. Using a suggestion of learning the digits 7 at a time (a method known as chunking, to improve retention) I have started to learn 7 extra digits every few days when I have time.

It takes me essentially about 30 minutes to get the digits memorized as part of the whole sequence, and then I spend the day occasionally reciting or writing them all out. I currently have PI memorized to 33 digits. Nothing stellar, but more than I had memorized two weeks ago!

I have of course read the discussions about how calculating or memorizing more decimal points of is actually a useless endevour, but nonetheless it may help improve my memory, so for now I’ll give it a try at seeing how far I can get.

When I get a chance I’ll upload the spreadsheet I was using.

Have you memorized any digits of PI? Let me know by leaving a comment. Or suggest I memorize something else, such as the Golden Ratio or e.

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