Do Personal Budgeting Now with Spreadsheets

by ryan on December 16, 2016


Do Personal Budgeting Now with Spreadsheets


No one can insulates oneself from financial crisis. Even the best of economic climates cannot ensure prosperity for the individual. Absent of a budget spreadsheet can erode income and threaten happy retirement hopes. But if you have a budget spreadsheet, the future will be brighter than it otherwise would be.

The fearful questions within most people are:

1. How can I be certain that I will have enough money to educate my children through university.
2. Will I be able to maintain my standard of living until and into retirement?
3. If I or any other family member is struck down by a life threatening illness, how will we ensure pulling through without financial hardship?
4. If I get retrenched, how will we live and even eat ?


While it may seem easy to just draft a simple financial plan for twenty or thirty years. But the fact of life is that nothing is ever certain. There are lots of external factors which you may or may not have control or unforeseen events which may have slipped your mind when you first created your financial plan. Personal budgeting plays a major role in allowing you to not feel so much monetary pain when situations like this occur.

Budget spreadsheet will allow you to reach your economic goals in the future while still living your life to its fullest potential.






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