Budget your way to Debt Free Status with Excel Templates

by ryan on January 6, 2017


Budget your way to Debt Free Status with Excel Templates


Some people complain about their debts and never having any money or have no idea where all the money gone to. They spent most of their working life settling debts and yet the debts never seem to end.


It is not because they never plan how to settle the debts. In fact, most of them do some kinds of unwritten personal budgeting. Unwritten personal budgeting is as good as none as they are most probably be forgotten as soon as they are done. Putting plan in budget spreadsheet will tell how much money you have. With such information, you can plan what best actions to take to reduce your debts.

Personal finance budgeting is especially important when you do not have strong money management skills. Poor money management skill could be easily passed off as an excuse for not having enough money to meet all financial obligations. To overcome that problem, you first have to determine your current net worth. Budget spreadsheet can help to your calculate your current net worth. The spreadsheet is nothing more than a list of your incomes and expenses. In most cases everyone knows how much they make.

Putting all your income and expenses into the budget spreadsheet will ensure that you would let slip any of them. By follow the steps in the spreadsheet, you will be able to calculate your current net worth. If your current net worth is negative, you are technically bankrupt. Having a positive net worth, mean that you have available cash at your disposal. There are formulae to handle both negative and positive net worth.

Setting up a budget spreadsheet is the most important part of any debt payoff strategy because of two reasons. When you put your first budget together it shows you where your money has been going

Budget spreadsheet also serves as a check on your financial status. Knowing your financial status can help you to avoid financial hardship later on.





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